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  • Janna Glavan, CP

New COVID travel ban for India

President Biden issued a new Presidential Proclamation restricting travel to the U.S. from India, where COVID-19 is running rampant. Effective May 4, 2021, individuals who have been physically present within 14 days in India cannot enter the U.S. This ban is similar to the ones that have been in place since last year for China, Iran, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Schengen area of Europe (which includes most continental European countries). This ban only applies to non-immigrants (i.e., tourists and people coming to the U.S. on visas to work or study.) It does not apply to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, immigrant visa holders, or other individuals with ties to the U.S. (such as the parent, child, or legal guardian of a U.S. citizen). There is also an exception for people coming to the U.S. to support a critical infrastructure area, such as healthcare, transportation, energy, defense, information technology, or agriculture, among others. This is not a ban on people of Indian nationality; it is a physical presence ban for non-immigrants who have been in India within 14 days. While this ban technically applies only to entering the country , it may impact visa issuance as well. U.S. Consulates in India may not allow individuals who are subject to the ban to apply for visas unless they demonstrate eligibility for an exception. Contact Best Law Offices today if you have questions about this new ban or any of the other COVID travel restrictions!

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